How and Where to Start

The success of any move is governed by the planning and preparation that goes into it. Plan well and then follow the plan.

You may find it useful to purchase a notebook to record information about your move. You will want to keep track of things like phone numbers of the movers, dates, times and decisions made.

Be aware that Revenue Canada allows moving expenses as tax deductions in some situations. If you qualify to deduct these expenses, you should get an envelope to start collecting your receipts. It is wise to keep these receipts with your moving notebook.

If you are moving to different province, you may need to investigate differences in insurance policies for your home, vehicles and health. 

Have a garage sale to clear out unused items. The rule of thumb is if you havent used it in the last 12 months, you probably wont miss it.   On the flip side, it is often the case that the money generated from a garage sale makes it hardly worth the effort or time required to put one on. You should consider donating any surplus items to charity.

We provide a complete Packing Service to handle all your belongings.  If you are doing your own packing, consult our Packing Tips section for some helpful hints.

If you have some flexibility in your moving date, we have some suggestions for determining the best moving date.

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