Packing Services

If you choose to use All Canada Moving to move your home, we highly recommend that you take advantage of our packing service. Our packers are trained professionals. We have the right packing tools to pack any household item and the expert knowledge for packing any item from porcelain to electronics to pianos. We will ensure that all your items are safely secured in the boxes before loading them on the truck.

If you have a tight moving budget, you may choose to do the packing yourself and simply have us do the moving. If you decide to do this, please review the packing tips section for packing advice. Although All Canada Moving will happily accommodate this option, we must stress that we cannot be responsible for damage caused to items that are self packed.

Besides the packing itself, our packing service includes the boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape and other tools needed to secure your belongings. When discussing your moving details, we will also discuss the best time to do your packing (usually the week before your move).

Our home packing service is charged by the hour. It may be in your best interest to prepare your items for packing before we arrive so that we can make efficient use of your time. For more information on packing costs, please review our estimates section.

What we will pack and move

At All Canada Moving we will pack and move just about anything for our customers. This includes specialty items such as vehicles, musical instruments, appliances, and large mirrors to name a few.

What we will NOT pack and move

We always advise our customers to carry with them their valuables and most fragile items. These may include:

  • items from your safety deposit box

  • house keys

  • legal documents such as birth certificates, passports, bank or investment records, house closing papers, moving documents, medical and dental records

  • jewelry

It is also wise to carry any accompanying documents for the valuables should they be needed for insurance claims.

Forbidden Items

For safety and insurance reasons, there are some items that we are not able to pack and transport. These include:

Food items

  • Perishable goods

  • Food in glass jars

  • Frozen foods

Flammable items

  • Flammable or corrosive chemicals

  • Matches and lighter fluid

  • Aerosol cans

  • Fertilizers containing Ammonium Nitrate

  • Cleaning fluids

  • Paints and paint thinner

  • Propane tanks

  • Gasoline

  • Kerosene

  • Machinery containing gasoline or other fuel (the machinery must be properly emptied and serviced for a move)

Explosives or Ammunition

  • Firearms (loaded or unloaded) and ammunition

  • Firecrackers and flares

  • Explosives


  • Large Batteries (e.g. car batteries)

  • Live plants

  • Pets

All Canada Moving is not responsible for packing or moving dangerous or hazardous items. Please make arrangements to have these move or dispose of these items yourself.

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