When should you hire professional movers?

Although we are a professional moving company, we realize that there are times when it makes more sense for people to perform their own moves instead of hiring us. Here are some of reasons that might make you want to do a move yourself:

  • you have a very tight budget

  • you have plenty of time to coordinate your own packing and moving

  • you have ready access to a small truck or large van

  • you have access to friends and family able to do heavy lifting

  • you are only moving a one bedroom or small two bedroom apartment

  • you are only moving a short distance (within the city or within province at most)

You should consider hiring us to do your move when:

  • you have limited time to spend on planning, packing and moving

  • you are moving a three bedroom home or larger

  • you are moving a long distance (across province or across the country)

  • you are moving specialty items (large appliances, a piano or other large fragile items)

  • you are moving large valuable items

  • you don't want the hassle of packing your belongings

Finally, don't forget that any move over 40 kms is tax deductable. This can significantly reduce the cost difference between performing a move yourself and getting us to do it for you.

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