Moving Tips

The best moving tip we have is that the more you plan ahead with your move, the smoother it will go.  We recommend that you start the planning process 8 weeks before you actually need to move.

8 Weeks before moving

  • Determine your moving budget.

  • Go to our Estimate creator and tell us about

    • your dwelling

    • your packing requirements

    • your location

    • any specialty items

    • the moving date(s)

  • Create a moving notebook to record your moving details:

    • contacts and phone numbers

    • dates and times

    • decisions made

    • all expenses and receipts

    • list of items that you will want to pack yourself

    • list of items that you will carry with you (valuables and fragile items)

    • list of institutions with which you need to update your address (banks, magazines subscriptions, club memberships, etc)

  • Visit the Revenue Canada website for information about tax deductions on moving expenses and what receipts you'll need to keep.

  • Decide on which items that you no longer wish to keep and sell them at a garage sale or donate them to a charity.

  • If you have large appliances that you no longer wish to keep, consult your phonebook for an agency that will dispose of them for you.

  • Create an inventory of your belongings using a video or still camera. Record serial numbers of electronic equipment. This inventory may be invaluable should there be a need to make an insurance claim.

  • Notify your children's schools about the move.

  • Register your children into schools at the new location.

6 Weeks before moving

  • Collect your moving supplies.

  • Start packing items that you wont need until after you have moved. Leave the everyday items to be packed last.

  • Visit your nearest Canada Post location and pick up some change of address cards.

  • At your nearest Canada Post outlet, fill out an application to have your mail redirected to your new address starting on the move date.

  • Contact your phone, TV cable, Internet, hydro and utilities providers to disconnect or transfer your account to the new location. It is best to have them disconnected on the day after you move out. It is likewise best to have them connected at your new location the day before you move in.

  • Make arrangements for your children's school records to be sent to the new schools.

  • Talk to your veterinarian about ways of moving your pets so as to cause the least trauma.

  • Arrange to have your medical records, dental and prescriptions transferred to your new location. If you have not registered with a new doctor yet, arrange to have these documents made available to you and carry them with you to your new home.

4 Weeks before moving

  • If you are moving from or into an apartment building or gated community, contact the building manager to find out about the moving rules. There may be restrictions on moves occurring on the weekends or evenings.

  • Begin using any remaining food items so that you wont need to pack them for the move. Consider finishing all perishable items first.

  • Fill in change of address cards and send them out to friends and family as well as to magazine subscriptions, banks, club memberships etc. Nowadays, you should be able to update your address easily via the institutions website.

  • Update your insurance coverage. Ensure that it starts on your move-in date. If you are moving to another province, look into how the insurance rules may differ from your current insurance (especially medical and car insurance).

  • Flammable or hazardous items such as fireworks, firearms, cleaning fluids, matches, propane tanks, aerosol cans, paint and paint thinner, and fertilizers and weed killer should be disposed of or properly disarmed and packed according to environmental safety regulations. Note that All Canada Moving will not move these items along with your other belongings. Please be prepared to transport these items yourself. For a more thorough list of items that we can not move, please refer to the Packing section.

2 Weeks before moving

  • Make an appointment with your bank to clear out and close your safety deposit box. Any valuables in this box should be carried with you during the move.

  • Clean your home. Dont forget to clear out your closets, basement, attic space and any other obscure storage areas in your home.

1 Week before moving

  • Have your local authorized service technician disconnect and service your appliances for safe transportation. All Canada Moving is not responsible for disconnecting/reconnecting or draining any gas appliances for the move. Preparation for other appliances are noted in the packing section

  • Confirm your moving details with us, just in case there may have been some last minute changes. Things to confirm include:

    • moving date

    • new location address

    • contact phone numbers (of both the driver of the moving truck and your cell phone or contact number at the new location)

    • arrangements for any special items such as appliances or fragile items

  • Review your packed boxes and determine which ones should be loaded first and which ones loaded last. The last boxes to be loaded should contain items that you may need up to the last day before the move and that you may need as soon as you arrive at your new location. Examples include:

    • bed sheets

    • toiletries

    • vacuum cleaner (if you wish to vacuum after the home is emptied)

    • cleaning supplies

    • clothing

    • some kitchen items

    • hand tools for disassembling/assembling furniture

    • packing tape/scissors

    • other daily necessities

  • Start packing your suitcases and remaining items that you will carry with you. Make sure that these are labeled clearly so that the movers do not load them on the truck.

  • Confirm your travel arrangements to your new location.

  • If possible disassemble furniture for ease of transport.

  • Review our preparation lists to make sure that you havent missed anything.

  • Review your moving notebook.

Moving day : Moving out

  • Pack away the bed sheets, toiletries and any other last minute items.

  • Confirm that our driver has the correct destination address and your contact information.

  • Work closely with our movers to ensure that they know what to load first and last. Accompany them as they tag and number each item for the move to make sure that the correct items are loaded and that nothing is left out.

  • Make sure that our movers are aware of what is fragile and valuable and which of these items they are responsible for.

  • Keep items that you are carrying with you separate from the items that our movers are responsible for. It may be best to load these into your vehicle before we arrive.

  • Once all the items are loaded, it is your responsibility to ensure that nothing is left behind. It is wise to do a final inspection one room at a time (including the basement, attic and garage), remembering to look though all closets, drawers and other storage units. Do not sign any release forms until you are sure that everything has been loaded.

  • Review the inventory list that our driver leaves with and compare it to your own list in your moving notebook.

  • If there are restrictions on hours during which moves can take place, make sure that our movers are aware of this.

Moving day : Moving in

  • Try to arrive before our movers and the truck. This will give you a chance to prepare your home for unloading. Ensure that the elevators are available for moving. Make sure that all rooms are easily accessible.

  • It is a good idea for you to familiarize the new home with our movers so that they know where to unload your belongings.

  • Check the condition of your belongings as they are unloaded. Review the items on the inventory list to ensure that all have arrived.

  • Make arrangements for your local authorized service technician to connect and service your appliances. Gas appliances should be properly inspected before you start using them.

  • Consider changing the locks on your home.


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